Does My Website Need An SSL Certificate?

Jan 31, 2017Website Security, Your Website

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for the best possible way to gain success with your website against cut throat competition.

The first and foremost step is is to build trust and confidence in the minds of your potential customers and to establish your brand image online. To do this your need website needs a SSL certificate (or Secure Socket Layer).

What’s that? Essentially, it’s the little green lock that shows up on your customer’s browser that tells them that your website is secure and that you care about keeping their information safe.


Below we go through the major reasons why your business website needs an SSL cert if you’re to succeed online.


1. Build trust and confidence in the minds of potential customers

Building trust in the minds of potential customers is certainly one of the major ways that your business can gain you success against cut-throat competition.

Getting a SSL certificate for your business website is essential for you to establish a good relationship with your potential customers and help them to enjoy in confidence and safety.

Nowadays most smart online shoppers check for an SSL certificate even browsing through what’s on offer by the specific online store so without it, it’s going to be difficult for your online ecommerce website to even attract potential traffic.

In the past, this hasn’t been as much of an issue for brochure websites but that’s changed in January 2017. Now the Google Chrome browser is going to be labelling any website without an SSL certificate as insecure whether your business website is an ecommerce store or not!


2. Protect the confidential information of both parties

This is also one of the major reasons due to which most of the businesses consider getting an SSL certificate for their website.

SSL certificates encrypt all information that’s passed from your business’s website to your potential customer’s computer and vice versa, protecting everyone’s confidential information in the best possible way. So if your website takes your customers’ credit card details for instance, you need an SSL certificate to ensure you fully protect all vital information.

3. Protect customers against phishing email attacks

Do you have a contact form on your website? Or anywhere else for your customer to enter their email address or that matter? Without a SSL certificate you open your customers up to potential phishing attacks.

Phishing emails are the ones that contain a link to a fake website which looks similar to the genuine website of a company (yours!). Once a potential customer signs into the fake website with his username and password, their personal data gets disclosed to the unauthorized party.

Having a SSL certificate on your website will protect your customers against phishing attacks.


4. Get better rankings for your website on search engines

This is certainly a major benefit of getting a Secure Socket Layer certificate for your website. Nowadays most of the popular search engines like Google have SSL certificate as one of the criteria for getting a higher ranking on search results.

Without getting a SSL certificate, it will be increasingly difficult for your website to rank on popular search engines and attract potential traffic towards your products and services. This isn’t going to change and in fact, Google are actually angling towards making this more important in 2017.


5. Increase your sales and website conversions

Building trust in the minds of your potential customers and making them feel safe and secure while they browse and buy with a SSL certificate will make it easier for you to increase the sales of your products and services. With the help of a secured checkout system and contact forms, it’s much easier to motivate potential customers to buy products from your online store or get in touch with an enquiry.

Getting a Secure Socket Layer certificate will certainly help you in gaining success and even retaining your loyal customers in a smart way. It’s a must for any business website that wants to be taken seriously.


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