Tips to Turn your Website Visitors into Customers

Jan 27, 2017Your Website

Selling online is a difficult process. It’s hard to convince a visitor to buy what you are offering.

This is particularly true if you have a ‘brochure’ website that doesn’t sell directly online but is there for the convenience of your potential customers to get all the information regarding your business. But, selling directly online or not, there are things you should be doing with your business website to convert more visitors into customers.

Most websites are designed in such a way that they cater to the maximum audience, which is good, but visitors alone don’t guarantee success or sales. To turn more website visitors into customers, try following theses steps.

Have a Strategy:

Having a proper strategy and planning in place will maximise your chances of converting more customers; don’t be the proverbial headless chicken. Form a well-thought upon strategy and work according to it. You should:

  • Be clear on who is the primary customer type you’re targeting
  • Work out what it is they’re looking for
  • Be very clear on what you want every visitor to do

And, make sure your business’s website reflects these points appropriately. This will lead to your website visitors getting the right message that you want to convey to them, finding the information they’re looking for and, most importantly, doing what you want them to do!

Be Mobile Ready:

More and more people are opting for smartphone and other handheld devices. In Ireland, over 50% of internet searches are done on mobile devices. So that’s over half of all searches you’re missing out on if your business website isn’t optimised for mobile!

In order to cater to as many potential customers as possible, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. They expect it, and you can almost guarantee your competitors know this too.

Have Clear Calls to Action:

Tell your visitors what to do. Do not be vague or unclear with your call to actions. This can be the biggest hindrance in converting prospective customers for your business.

Unclear calls to action will leave your visitors slightly confused, uninspired and way more likely to just click on until someone else tells them what to do.

Use Social Proof / Testimonials:

Nowadays, people do all kind of research on the internet before making the decision to purchase anything online or even to get in touch! They will check for reviews, testimonials, proofs and portfolios on social media and other websites.

It is a better practice to include these social proofs and testimonials in your website in order to convince the user so they don’t have to leave and then come back. The Internet, these days, is packed with scammers (ever heard of Cat Fish?!). You should make sure your visitors know that you’re the real deal; a genuine entity offering quality products or services.

Use Google Analytics:

Use google analytics to stay on top of the search. Make improvements and amendments as per the latest trends. Your website should be up to date, easy to navigate and high on quality.

The content should be up to the mark in order to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Click here for our blog post about why your business website needs Google Analytics. (Don’t worry, it opens in a new tab!)

Offer Something for Free:

This is key to converting your business website visitors into customers and sales. You should offer your visitors something for free or give them attractive offers in order to make them your customer.

Some value added offers can also be provided to give them some extra benefits. Make sure this great free thing or offer can only be gotten on your website. That way they’ll think they’re the clever clogs who found a great deal and they’ll tell others who will visit your website looking for it.

Sales are better than hits. Watching the number of your website visitors to grow is an awesome sight, but visits alone will not make your business a success story (unless you’re Facebook…are you Facebook?!). You must convert enough of these visitors into your customers to make a decent amount of money so you actually get returns on your website.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, and turn your visitors into customers.

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