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Jan 17, 2017Google

Many of you might be unaware about this, but Google has added an amazing feature. Every time you search up for a business, Google will show a map on the top of its search. It is a great feature, that allows you to feature your business on the top of the search.

Previously known as Google Place, the Google Maps function is now an integral part of the Google My business. This dashboard allows you to track and manage your business’s online presence across Google Maps, Google Analytics. Google+, and Adwords.

When you are setting up to set your business listing up, keep in mind that Google will in a few cases, display business communities nearby in the “Local” search results map. In addition, you are only allowed to create a business profile in the town your office is physically located in.


How to Create an Account on Google My Business

Many established businesses will already exist on Google automatically, check the Google My Business directory to check for your business, and claim the business. If you are a new business, or have moved you will be required to add this in yourself.

  1. Open Google My Business.
  2. In the search box, enter your Business Name and its address.
  3. If your business already exists, simply claim it, and if it does not you will be required to add your business. So click on add my business, and enter the information required.
    Note: you will determine how your business name, address, and phone number will appear. Remember the information you are using here, should match the information you have provided all over the internet. It is important that you pick your business category correctly, as it is the way Google will classify you in searches. So if you have chosen the wrong classification, your business will not appear on the searches it should. To show your business perfectly, Google has given you an option to add categories and keywords; and they vary from industry to industry. So once you have classified your business, you can type in the keywords that you feel define your business correctly. You can add up to five different keywords.
  4. Once all of that is done, Google will require to verify your business. You will receive a verification pin via postcard on your business address.
    Note:  some of you will be allowed to receive the pin via text message or an automated cell phone call, which is a much faster and simpler process. If you have the postcard option keep an eye out for the postcard, as you will have only 30 days to punch in your pin. Your business will be taken off if you do not type in the pin you have received.
  5. Once you have verified your account you will be required to set up a Google+ page.


Once you have completed the process, you business will start showing up on top of searches in the shape of a map.


How to Create a Google Webmaster Tools Account

This is for users who are genuinely interested in generating search engine traffic. This is a free software that helps you keep in touch with what is going on with your website. This is a partner of Google Analytics, but is more inclined towards the technical aspect of your website. All you have to do is signup for a Google Webmaster Tools account, it is fairly simple to do.


  1. Open the webmaster tools home page, and click on add a site.
  2. You will be required to verify yourself as the website owner, there are a few options you can pick from.
  3. When is it verified you will be required to add a sitemap. You can add this using the WMT interface. This is a simple tool that will tell Google what web pages are available on your website. If you have a WordPress, you should install the XML sitemaps plugin; this plugin will automatically build an XML sitemap for your website.


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