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Tips to Turn your Website Visitors into Customers

Selling online is a difficult process. It’s hard to convince a visitor to buy what you are offering. This is particularly true if you have a ‘brochure’ website that doesn’t sell directly online but is there for the convenience of your potential customers to get all...

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How to Get Your business on Google

Many of you might be unaware about this, but Google has added an amazing feature. Every time you search up for a business, Google will show a map on the top of its search. It is a great feature, that allows you to feature your business on the top of the search....

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The Elements of a Successful Website

A website design can be minimalistic, colourful, interactive, or what have you. Regardless of visual and technical aspects implemented on a website, its main purpose is to become online representative of the owner. For businesses, it means the website has to contain...

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