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Every business is different, but every business can have a successful digital marketing strategy that generates real returns.

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Winners of The Web Excellence Award for Marketing Effectiveness 2023 for generating monthly return on investment of 1000% and a 488% increase in monthly organic traffic.

Success starts
with strategy.

So, how does it work? As your digital marketing agency, we take you through everything from start to finish (and beyond!).

First, we develop a single, comprehensive online strategy that’s going to work for your business.

It will encompass your entire online presence – everything from your website, SEO, content, and design, and analytics – to your Pay-Per-Click, social media, and email marketing, plus everything in between.

Once we have a strategy that we are confident will generate returns for your business, we go and implement it all for you.

It’s that simple!

We don’t make promises, but we deliver real returns. 

For every digital marketing agency, success can only be built on a good reputation, and we’re no different.

We build digital marketing strategies based on real, actionable business goals. Everything we do is geared to achieving these goals.

And everything we do is powered by in-depth analytics that show you, clear as day, what’s working and what’s not.

Ask to speak to our current clients, they’ll tell you themselves.

Digital Marketing Agency Dublin - Wayworks

How does it work?

Every successful digital marketing strategy comprises of two things:


And Traffic

Now not all content looks the same (think blogs, videos, product pages).

And not all traffic takes goes to the same place (think website, social media, Amazon).

In essence, we create the content that your potential customers want. Then we put it in front of them, in the right place, at the right time, to make them aware, engage and convert.

Plus all of the technical bits that make sure it all works right! We are your full-service digital marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Agency Dublin - Wayworks

Success Stories

BIC Home Care
Symmetry Financial Management
ERM Financial Services
CBS Heating and Plumbing
The Shower Doctors
Summit Law
Alternative Energy Ireland
Sentient Healthcare
International Achievers Group

Our ROI is already around 170% and our pipeline is packed!

Wayworks are great!

In the first 5 months alone our ROI is already around 170% and our pipeline is packed. The content they create for the website and our social media is great and the team make it so simple for us.

When marketing is this easy and it makes more money than you spend on it, it’s a no-brainer really. I highly recommend them.

Cillín O’Connell
Solicitor, Dublin

Our 2-year ROI is on track to be over 400%!

I highly recommend Wayworks for any company that is looking to grow their business online.

Wayworks have been our looking after all of our digital marketing since 2022 and so far our 1-year ROI is over 150% and our 2-year ROI is on track to be over 400%.

If you are thinking of marketing your business online, do yourself a favour and speak to Wayworks first. They know what they’re doing!

Shannon Rowley
Commercial Insurance Broker

They hit our first year targets in a month!

We have been marketing with Wayworks since 2020. Right when Covid hit they convinced us to take the plunge and start marketing online.

We told them we wanted to be generating €10K in sales each month by the end of the first year and they hit our targets in a month. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength. And that’s not even counting our service leads.

They know what they’re doing. I highly recommend them.

Steve Perry
The Shower Doctors

We are already seeing an 1800% return on our monthly adspend!

If you are looking for an effective digital marketing agency, I highly recommend that you speak to the team at Wayworks. We are only in our second month with them and we are already seeing an 1800% return on our ad spend.

The fact that this has come during what is traditionally one of the quietest months in our calendar means we’re confident that we’ll push far beyond this in the months and years to come thanks to the Wayworks team. They really get to know your business and the goals you are trying to achieve, they have been great from day one.

Aislinn Barrett
Operations Director, Hi-Line Marketing

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